Kannada Balaga Ugadi event on 28th March 2020 has been cancelled

With a continued surge in the number of cases of coronavirus infections across UK, Public Health England estimates that the risk of a full blown epidemic is imminent. Combined with the fact that we are exposed to a new strain of the virus with no pre-existing immunity, we feel that it is our moral and social responsibility to minimise the spread of the virus in the wider community. 

KBUK Ugadi event cancellation

Kannada Balaga UK has made the decision to cancel the upcoming Ugadi event in Nottingham on 28th March 2020. There were already more than 300 registrants. Regretfully, the decision to cancel the event was made as we felt that attendees coming from all parts of the UK would pose a greater risk of disease transmission. Our chief guests from India were also increasingly getting concerned to travel due to the intense media coverage.

Thanks to Nottingham Kannadigaru and KSSVV

It is disheartening to the local organising committee (Nottingham Kannadigaru) who had put in a herculean effort to showcase an excellent program at the Ugadi event. Lots of people had come together and spent countless hours practising songs, dance etc. Similarly, KSSVV members had planned a literary treat with Dr Kaikini, that could perhaps wait for a future event. We sincerely thank Nottingham Kannada Sangha for their unwavering commitment; we are confident that the enthusiastic team will host a future KBUK event soon.  


Registration fees will be reimbursed directly to your payment method in due course. Since there are a large number of payments to be processed, please bear with us for a few days. Please note that the reimbursed amount will be slightly less than what you paid due to the deduction of administrative charges by the payment gateway (Stripe) to KBUK. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Coronavirus – where are we now?

Have a look at the World Health Organisation public information and guidance section for covid-19

WHO-advice for public

For general advice, information and guidelines of the novel coronavirus, please refer to the following NHS link:


Use the NHS helpline 111 or use 111 online coronavirus service if you are a returning traveller. DO NOT go to GP Surgery, Pharmacy or A & E.


Best wishes

Dr Sneha Kulkarni


Kannada Balaga UK 

& KBUK Executive Committee