Kannada Balaga UK Pranayama Workshop

Course Schedule:

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Kannada Balaga UK is delighted to announce a Pranayama workshop on Zoom over a four week period starting from Sunday 28th November. This is a unique workshop which is being held for the first time in UK. The course instructors will be Dr Prahlad Ron and Dr Nitin Ron.

Please note:

This is an actual workshop and not an instructional lecture. The emphasis of the workshop is learning Pranayama breathing techniques by actual practice; the techniques will be covered at reasonable depth.

General instructions:

Pranayama should be done on an empty stomach. There should be gaps of 3.5 hrs after lunch/dinner, 1.5 hrs after breakfast and 10 min after coffee/tea.

Very Important information:

Please read the two documents below and familiarise yourself thoroughly. The first document gives Pranayama workshop details and instructions. The second document is a disclaimer that you should read and understand before attending the workshop. You could sign and return the Liability Waiver Agreement if you prefer to do so. However, by attending the Pranayama workshop, you affirm that you have read the disclaimers and you absolve Kannada Balaga UK and all other instructors of any untoward effects caused.